BRIAN HOLLAND : figures and vessels
Wood fired ceramic sculpture-two figures, one male one female, back to back pulling away from each other whilst being joined at the base
Brian Holland Ceramics News 2016
Figurative Ceramic Sculpture- Wood fired figures
Public Art and Art in public spaces
About The Artist
Commissioning Work
Raku Fired Vessels
Raku ceramics
Slab Pots- Individual, wood fired pieces.
Wood fired slab built pieces inspired by architecture.
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How to contact Brian Holland, ceramic artist
Ceramic Garden Sculpture
Garden Sculpture made in stoneware clay and fired to around 1280 degrees Celsius, making the work frost proof. Figurative themes exploring body language and movement.t
Raku Figures
small figurative pieces fired using the raku process.
After a commission from artist Steve Poole I made three pieces as a response to three quotes from John Ruskin. I feel that there may be other works triggered off by these.
Forthcoming events and exhibitions
Events I am articipating in.
Sculpture- places
Sculpture influenced by or suggestive of places
Coiled - Moon - Jars
images of wood fired moon type jars, coiled and fired in a downdraft kiln.
Images of organic forms suggested by the tactile qualities of the clay combined with thoughts of time on beaches.
Wall pieces
Ceramic wall pieces
Large colied and pinched bowls

BRIAN HOLLAND : figures and vessels

Together they part- Two figures, back to back but pulling away from each other whilst being joined at the base. Wood fired to 1300 c

courtesy Musee de la Poterie, Sadirac.

Slab form with a clerestory Lid, wood fired with poured glazes, lid based on clerestory type roofs.

Ceramic sculpture.Garden ceramics. Wood fired ceramics. Figurative ceramic sculpture. Site specific ceramics
Ceramic Sculptures Sheffield ~ Ceramics based on Landscapes Sheffield ~ Garden Sculptures Sheffield ~ Tile Panels Sheffield ~ Site specific Ceramics Sheffield ~ Wall pieces Sheffield ~ Wood Fired Ceramics Sheffield

Titled DONT LOOK NOW has several figures leaning in different directions but arcing around t6o form a sculptural whole.

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